Pandemic Be Damned, It Is 2021

It is the New Year! Maybe your home is still festive with decorations, or perhaps they have all been taken down and you are now ready to embark 2021. It has been a year that we all want to close the book on, for sure!

The nation as a whole has terrible statistics for 2020, with more weight gained, more processed food purchased, more alcohol consumption. Don’t let the pandemic be your excuse to eat bad food, and treat yourself less than the spectacular human you are!

As we reflect over the year — well it has been a hum-dinger of a year hasn’t it been? It is time to set our sights on 2021 and look to get/remain as healthy as we can be.

Here are some tips for you:

Cleanse every morning with the juice of half a lemon in lukewarm water, 8oz. Don’t throw the lemon out! Drop that lemon in your water: there are studies that show the oil in the lemon rind helps ward off cancer!

Vegetables: make sure you have loads of different vegetables in your fridge. Variety of vegetables in color and type is key in fighting disease and building a healthy immune system.

Exercise: is a must, and is requiring some imagination this year with the gyms closed. If you are too cold to get out, search your internet channel for free work-out videos. Get air daily.

Eat Healthy meat: unfortunately just grabbing meat at the grocery store is probably the worst unless you know it is grass-fed! Be sure to only get grass-fed and wild-caught. Meat that is farm raised is jacked up with growth hormones and antibiotics. We don’t need that in our systems!

Have a nighttime routine: Super important to make sure that we have a “ritual” for going to sleep. Get rid of the cell phone, computer or TV before bed habit. Sleep is critical for health!

Have some form of gratitude or mindful practice: studies have shown that gratitude changes our brain chemistry. There is so much to be grateful for!

Have a healthy, happy and optimistic New Year! Happy 2021!

Is reaching your health goal #1 on your list as we turn the page to 2021? Make it a priority to be the best version of yourself, dedicate yourself to it!

Happy New Year!