Sweet Potato Bread

I always feel like baking. I worked in restaurants my entire life, and a bakery for three years. When my kids were younger I would always bake on the weekends, scones and muffins. Now being an empty-nester I need to justify baking— I really don’t want the extra calories sitting waiting for me to eat them! I bake and give away or freeze the results.

In my quest to bake healthy, gluten-free and “feel good” about my product, i.e. not too much guilt eating it… I made up this recipe! I like to experiment with ingredients and try new recipes. I have made a cake called a Hummingbird cake that calls for sweet potato. I had that framework in mind when I made up this bread.

I used sweet potato and an apple, which provides next texture and moisture. To that I added gluten free flours and nut flour blend to make a bread with flavor, fiber, texture and taste! It also has a combined sugar of zero calorie sweetener and honey to give it subtle sweetness, but not a “sweet” overkill.

You will want this bread added to your weekend morning baking!

If you are a baker, and an experimenter, you will have recipes that try and fail. I have made many things that just don’t work. Using gluten-free products sometimes they just don’t work as well as flour. I am fond of Cassava flour, and not as fond of coconut and garbanzo bean. (I find them overwhelming in taste and dry).

Why not use good old white flour? The wheat husk has 3 parts. When the husk is cultivated the outer parts are stripped out. The remainder is then processed, and vitamins and nutrients are then added back in. When you read “fortified” and “enriched” those words mean processed and nutrients added back in. Look for organic flours. Some markets have flours that are made from the smaller farms or local. Give those a try.

Be sure to purchase aluminum free baking powder as well! The aluminum in baking powder makes the leavening agent react with heat, therefore the oven. It can also leave a metallic taste. Bob’s Red Mill products are great, he has an aluminum free baking powder.