Pressing in, changing attitude and welcoming the moment…

I had a meeting scheduled the other day, and a full load of work that needed my attention. I could almost feel the palpable wall in my mind I had built up to my hostile feelings about the meeting. It was a Zoom networking meeting and would take an hour plus out of my day. I was not “feeling it”.

“Be Open To Receive” came to my mind. I needed to change my mindset. I thought:

-> Be open to receive community

-> Be open to receive what others had to offer

-> Let this time be designated for this and be present.

When I opened up the Zoom meeting, turned on my video and began, my mind was fresh. I released the negativity and was focused on who would I meet? What would I learn? What relationships could be formed? By having that talk with myself the meeting went by in a breeze and was quite enjoyable.

Do you have things during the day or week that you just don’t want to go for whatever reason?

If we show up with hesitancy we are blocking the universe from sending us gifts. We are telling the world to shut down and not allow natural flow. In order to receive the offerings, the gifts the world is laying at our doorstep… we have to have that talk with ourselves.

In my life, it is natural for me to give. If you need something, just ask me! I am your girl! I have a friend that just drips giving. She truly is amazing. She gives small, thoughtful gifts to everyone that she touches, or touches her. She constantly shows up with a plant, or a small package, or a bag of candles because it is fall and the pumpkin scent is everywhere and she knows I love them! Having said that, I also love to receive. I LOVE A GIFT! This friend I mentioned? She does not want anything. Giver only.

Where do you fall? When someone pays you a compliment, do you receive it graciously with a polite, “thank you” or do you brush it off, unable to receive it?

This week with the 4th of July just happening, enjoy the freedoms that you have. Enjoy the moments with your loved ones, and do something FUN! Be open to receive, even when you don’t feel it.

Restaurant Trained Chef, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Wife, Empty Nester Foodie