I was talking with a client…. who is a school teacher. In the beginning of the school year it was extremely difficult for her to plan due to the inconsistent messaging about school opening.

Almost on a daily basis she was told different messages: -> plan for Zoom -> plan for kids coming to school. I know many parents had the same uneven messages coming to them!

During our conversation I asked her, when she looked back on her life, was her life always stable and even, or was it unstable? She laughed and said her life was never stable until she got married (25 years ago). Her childhood was always tumultuous. This was a huge “ah ha” for her. She needed stability in a deep sense, and when the world tilted, as it has during the Covid pandemic, her need for stability became even greater. By acknowledging this pattern was formed in her childhood, (her need for stability), it helped her to greet this time in grace, and nurture her insecurity.

What comes to mind when you think of the word trauma?

I worked with a Trauma Informed Coach and his team for one year. His name is Mastin Kipp. Mastin is a number one best-selling author, speaker, and Creator of Functional Life Coaching™. During the year of my training I learned what trauma means, and how trauma can manifest itself. I learned about attachment patterns, what mine is, and how to help clients when their pattern is holding them back from life.

In my coaching practice, this training has been invaluable in helping clients to understand the root cause of “why” their behavior is showing up. A client recently told me, “I came to you to lose weight, but I now know why I go to the refrigerator and make bad choices, and that is more valuable to me”.

I want to be clear: I am not a counselor, nor do I propose to be. What naturally happens in conversation with clients is that when we delve into food behavior, many times there is a trauma “root”. By uncovering the root, it helps to give clients that “Ah ha” moment, make connections and heal destructive patterns.

I am a Health Coach, specializing in Functional Medicine, which looks at getting to the root cause of disease. Trauma is a root cause affliction that can get buried, and manifest as overeating or destructive behaviors or negative thinking. I have come to learn that EVERYONE has a trauma — the question is how do we learn to acknowledge the trauma — and love ourselves.

If you have had a “Big T” Trauma or a “little t” trauma — explore it. Identify what has happened and how it may be holding you back from living your BEST life.

Restaurant Trained Chef, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Wife, Empty Nester Foodie