Why Does It Matter?

I grew up one of four children. My parents were both teachers. We always, with very few exceptions, had dinner together at the dining room table. My mother did not have a huge repertoire of foods that she cooked, but everything we ate was made from whole foods and by scratch. My father was a meat and potato guy, so if my mother made a vegetarian meal (before that was a “thing”), such as macaroni and cheese, my dad had to have a hamburger patty alongside his mac n cheese. …

(Foods that can help you stay hydrated)

When we think of hydration, we need to not just think of drinking water — but where is that water going? We need to make sure we are literally hydrating at the cellular level. Many people think that they are loading up with enough water, but may find out that during extreme exercise or excessive heat that they feel ill. When the body gets to the point of feeling poorly, it is almost too late to drink loads of water. The trick is staying ahead of dehydration.

Have you ever known you are dehydrated — that your system is out…

Me Teaching a Cooking Class Prior to C-19

Do You Need Food Inspiration?

Does Meal Prep and Cooking Inspire You?

Sometimes revving up to cook can be a bit of a struggle. Even though I have been an empty nester for some time, it still can be difficult to cook for two. Nothing makes me happier than having a crowd to cook for, and spending a day thinking about the food and recipes (yes, I am that person!).

When I was a very young mom cooking was something I could do with three children under my feet. Developing recipes was my happy, creative time. Our children were in the kitchen from a young…

I had a client previously who was 72 years old and came to me because she was having stomach issues and wasn’t sure of the cause. We dug a little deeper into her diet, which for the most part was fairly healthy! One thing that she noticed was that at night she burped a lot and had discomfort when she slept.

With a little more probing she described her nightly routine for “dessert” was a yogurt. The yogurt she had had fruit in it, and other fillers. My educated guess was that the combination of dairy, sugar and fruit at…

Cauliflower mash!

Cauliflower seems to be all the rage this year. I absolutely love it and find it to be a great addition to many dishes. I recently made a braised beef dish. I added 2 cups (a half of a head) of cauliflower rice to the dish. It melted in and added texture, fiber, and a white vegetable!

Cauliflower may be underestimated for its health benefits containing a rich assortment of vitamins and minerals as well as phytonutrients and antioxidants that help keep our immune system strong. Cauliflower is also a watery vegetable that helps to hydrate the body.

Pressing in, changing attitude and welcoming the moment…

I had a meeting scheduled the other day, and a full load of work that needed my attention. I could almost feel the palpable wall in my mind I had built up to my hostile feelings about the meeting. It was a Zoom networking meeting and would take an hour plus out of my day. I was not “feeling it”.

“Be Open To Receive” came to my mind. I needed to change my mindset. I thought:

-> Be open to receive community

-> Be open to receive what others had to offer

Do You Suffer From Acid Reflux?

1 out of 3 people suffer from Acid Reflux or stomach issues

1 out of 3? That is crazy! I remember hearing years ago that 1:4 women suffer from breast cancer, and that haunted me. Hearing this statistic about stomach issues had the same affect on me. Why are so many people suffering?

Becoming a health coach and learning about diseases that plague us, and where I could help people…this kind of article elevates the need for helping people.

Acid reflux happens when your food is coming back up the esophagus creating an…

Sweet Potato Bread

I always feel like baking. I worked in restaurants my entire life, and a bakery for three years. When my kids were younger I would always bake on the weekends, scones and muffins. Now being an empty-nester I need to justify baking— I really don’t want the extra calories sitting waiting for me to eat them! I bake and give away or freeze the results.

In my quest to bake healthy, gluten-free and “feel good” about my product, i.e. not too much guilt eating it… I made up this recipe! I like to experiment with ingredients and try new recipes…

When considering your week, think about what you may make for dinner. I like having my freezer full with protein choices, then I just have to prepare and shop for the veggies. We get our fish from Wild Alaska, and meat from Wild Pastures https://wildpastures.com/ .

Last night I had some pork sausages that we grilled. With the sausages I cut up cauliflower, broccoli and one carrot and steamed that, and heated some creamed corn that I made the night before, and we used that up.

This morning for my first meal I diced one of the sausages, sautéed it…

My husband has been getting headaches occasionally and has been using an electrolyte supplement in his water to see if it would help. This got my Health Coach brain wanting to learn more about electrolytes, which led me down a rabbit hole!

I learned that we should be getting 3,000 to 4,000 mg of potassium a day!

Potassium helps to balance fluids and minerals in your body, helps your body maintain normal blood pressure, and helps your muscles contract and your nerves function normally.

When you think of potassium you normally think of bananas, right? What foods do you need…

Janet Neustedter

Restaurant Trained Chef, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Wife, Empty Nester Foodie

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